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1963 Film Featuring Wagonaire

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  • 1963 Film Featuring Wagonaire

    Has anyone seen or heard of a 1963 Warner Brothers motion picture short entitled "Vacationlands USA"? [?]

    Last week's lengthy letter to Hemmings Classic Car about errors in the July 2006 1964 Daytona convertible article "landed" me a modestly-paid job reviewing a major Studebaker story for a further-out issue of HCC in which Studebakers will be featured. Apparently, they took my critique to heart and realized they were letting too many errors get to print, for which I admire their honesty.

    Anyway, while researching information for that review, my mind wandered off course [)] and I started reading the May 1963 Studebaker News in a 1963 file box I had opened to look something up.

    In that issue of Studebaker News is a story entitled, "Wagonaire Stars in Warner Brothers Movie." A new, 1963 Daytona Wagonaire is pictured with the slider forward and two kids standing up in the back (yeow; there goes the Legal Dept! [:0] ). The Wagonaire is carrying 1963 California black license plate FHP 969. The full caption to the photo is:

    "Airy view is enjoyed by young Diane and David Beard during a Wagonaire cross-country tour of U.S. National Parks in "Vacationlands U.S.A," a Warner Brothers motion picture short-subject [film] soon to be seen in theatres throughout the nation. Arthur Godfrey narrates the color film, which shows the splendor of America's favorite National Parks Vacationlands."

    Anybody seen this short-subject film? Anybody got connections at Warner Brothers to see if a copy exists? Such a film could be a real treat at a National or Zone SDC meet. (In fact, if anybody can scare up a copy, we'll show it in Omaha during The Co-Operator Tech Session so we don't have to answer so many questions! [] <GGG&gt BP

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    Are they having you review the story they're doing on the 64 Pursuit Marshal featured on the cover of March TW?[?]
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      quote:Originally posted by rockne10

      Are they having you review the story they're doing on the 64 Pursuit Marshal featured on the cover of March TW?[?]
      No. This is a general article entitled The Significance of Studebaker: The Final Years: 1945-1966.
      'Not sure when it will appear. BP
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        Since Beard is not that common of a name, you might try contacting the Beards that are SDC members, starting with the two in California. One may be related to the kids pictured in the Wagonaire 43 years ago.

        Along those lines, I just purchased a 42 year old Motor Trend (that I don't remember having) on eBay. What really surprised me was that the mailing label was for the guy that I purchased it from and he is still at the same address. I even moved once in the past 42 years. I have subscribed to Motor Trend for more than 40 years and have purchased many issues prior to that, but did not remember this one with major Studebaker content and a review of a '64 Valiant Signet hardtop with the mid-year 273 V8. I owned one for several years and then sold it to my next door neighbor. It was a neat car that Cathy and I both liked.

        I don't recal the flick that you are refering to.

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