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  • To Ted Harbit

    Hi, Ted
    "Thanks guys. You make an old guy feel pretty good! Couple of comments: Stude 53 (you Bob, me Ted, good) I am not from Fairborn. I'm in Indiana located right between Indy and Ft. Wayne, about 60 mile from each. Phil Harris (that took over our parts business is from Fairborn, Ohio).

    My mistake, Ted. You know what they say about ASSUME!

    By the way,
    I got my Stude in Oklahoma, towed it home to Dayton, Ohio. Bought a lot of my parts from what is now SI in Indiana, and some from the then Studebaker of California, and some from Lloyd Martin, some from Tobe Wood (members of my old TriState club).

    I'm now a member of the Eastern Carolina SDC, living in NC. Stude drivers get around.

    I go to as many meets as I can, time and money permitting. Will you be at the Omaha International? If so, I'll look forward to seeing you in person.

    Bob (stude53)