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  • Don't have the picture thing quite down yet

    But I think you can click on the link and see the four pictures.
    She fired right up,backed her out of the shed and drove up to the shop.Changed the oil,greased everything,took her for a short illegal spin to warm up the tranny(no new tags yet),then came back and checked tranny,needed a pint to bring it up to full.
    Topped up the TT,and the steering box,fiddled with the carb untill she seemed to work good and idel at about 900 rpm.Checked over everything to see if all systems were go,and found the signal lights not working.One front bulb wasn't working,took off lense and turned bulb,voila,let there be light,but still no wink.
    Tried a new flasher and all seems well.
    1st show around here is next weekend in Truro,Dads going to get me a sticker this week,Ill take Diane up to drive her back on Friday.
    The Hawk's new chrome bumpers look awesome,to nice to put on were they'll get covered in bug guts(well the front one),beautiful job.
    Lots of little things to work on this summer,first ones going to be the new dash pad.
    Think Ill try another pic,Im using Photobucket,and instead of the picture Im just getting the link.

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    The link leads to a picture of a Harley which I don't think is made by Studebaker. Glad to here your making progress though.

    1961 Lark


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      Well how did that get in there?(G)