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Nicest Caribbean in captivity?

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  • Nicest Caribbean in captivity?
    Got to be close to it!

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    Captivity? If it's on Ebay, then the cage door must be open[:0]
    Very handsome vehicle......
    I wonder how much of the $85000 BIN is the 'investment' part of the seller???

    quote:Originally posted by Transtar56
    Got to be close to it!
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      An extremely beautiful car.Gets my vote.


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        [quote]Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK

        Captivity? If it's on Ebay, then the cage door must be open[:0]
        Very handsome vehicle......
        I wonder how much of the $85000 BIN is the 'investment' part of the seller???

        Not much, Jeff;

        Depending on what they started with, it could darn well use up 85 Gs getting it to this point. [}] I wish he had installed the rear fender shields for a couple of the photos. I see them in the trunk, and would hope they would install and fit as they should!
        GORGEOUS car indeed. []
        There was a black 1956 Caribbean convertible at the Warren OH Packard Centennial in 1999, but I didn't look it over carefully enough to see if it was this car. I don't think it was. [:I] BP
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          Two thumbs UP for this beauty.
          While sitting in the Antarctic in 1956 I recall seeing a magazine article with similar eye appealing ride. Thought was then and again today, that my posterior would fit nicely.
          What a classic.

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            Nice Looking Packard, but a $75,000!!! restoration job? Who did they have doing the work-Lawyers?


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              Cars like this is the reason I buy lottery tickets.


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                I see this car is listed in the current Hemmings (June 06)... says, "$60K Resto" and "ASKING $74,900"...

                I'd sure be leery of paying that kind of money for a car with that much discrepancy between descriptions... wonder what the facts really are...?

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                  That is truely an awesome looking Packard. I wish he needed a trunk lock cloisonne emblem for it as I would sell him a gorgeous one for for about $1500.00. Any one else can have it for about $150.00. Sorry, no key. jimmijim
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                    Wow,66900 and still 5 days to go.
                    Watched some of the Barret-Jackson auction the other night,makes this car seem cheap in comparison,and Id rather have it than ANY muscle car.


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                      72,600,reserve still not met,shes soon gonna be out of my price range(G)


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                        SOLD,for 72,600.


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                          Wow! That's some magnificent car. I can't afford such luxury but I certainly appreciate it. I agree with a previous poster that I'd rather have that Packard than any of those brand X cars selling for similar money.
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                            It was bid to $72,600 but did not make reserve. As to the restoration costs, I once sold a 56 Chrysler for a fellow on ebay that had spent 67K with a shop for a trailer queen restoration.

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                              I think it may have sold JP, the auction ended with about four days left.