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63 Hawk GT car & options 1963 prices ?

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  • 63 Hawk GT car & options 1963 prices ?

    I have a blank Studebaker window sticker that I would like to recreate with pricing for
    my 63 Hawk. I did this for my 50 Starlight from prices shown in Colector Car magazine
    but need the $$ for 1963 purchase of the Hawk. Anyone have any/all of the dealer
    prices? Many Thanks.

    Dick Curtis

    1950 Champion Starlight
    1963 Hawk GT

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    Dick: I have an original Studebaker publication PD63-32, revised 10/4/62, listing all the MSRPs and options and prices for 1963 Avantis, Larks, and Hawks. It takes several pages to photocopy the whole thing because it unfolds to a little larger than 7" X 18" (yes, it is eighteen inches long when unfolded).

    If you'll send me $2 for copying, envelope, and postage, I'll photocopy the whole thing and furnish the envelope and postage for the copy's return to you. (Same offer for anyone else who wants one, too.) [8D]

    Bob Palma, address in any Turning Wheels' Co-Operator.
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      Bob Palma--That's great--Many thanks.

      Two bucks on the way today along with address. Sure that's enough?
      Think I'll send $3-post office seems to raise mailing costs at whim.

      Dick Curtis
      The 1950 Champion Starlight
      Santa Barbara