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    Hello, What ever happended to Clock Doc? I have tried to call, email, and looked at a changed web site. Can someone recommend a person who repairs clocks. I have a 1950 starlight that needs it's clock repaired.

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    Try Red Line Gauge in Humbolt, Tn 1-800-375-2310. I know he can convert it to quartz don't know if he still repairs. I have used him for over ten years and he stands behind his work. Good Luck

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      Well Roy - I have no idea what became of Doc Clock. Maybe his time ran out![xx(]

      If you only needed the Champion's clock CLEANED, I'd suggest Ted Harbit.[}]

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        I have a 1950 Champion with the clock located in the center,lower half of the speedometer.
        When it arrived from EBay, after a $318 winning bid, it was inoperative. It was an easy fix and has run over a year now. Carefulluy dis-assemble , a small jewellers screwdriver is whatl you need. I have fixed several auto clocks and most are of the point type and stop working when the points stick due to arcing caused pitting. You will see a coil solenoid, a metal shroud attached to a spring and the points. With alcohol(non-drinking kind), and swab, clean out the grime . Put a few drops of silicone oil at the gear and escapement balance points. Check the points and remove pits with a point file or emery cloth. While out of the case, apply 6 volts and the clock will snap to a wind position and start working. If it stops, manually encourage the balance wheel, repeating until it is running for an hour or so. Put it in the car and rejoice.
        The 1950 Champion Starlight
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