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Re: "reproduced" 1964-66 hood ornaments

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  • Re: "reproduced" 1964-66 hood ornaments

    I've been thinking of buying one of the reproduced hood ornaments with the S in the circle for my 66 Cruiser, but since I have had bad experiences with the fit of other supposed reproductions (like mirrors, emblems and hawk fender spear tips), I was wondering if these are equally flawed or if they really do fit the hood and look accurate. Has anyone bought one of these?

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    They fit fine, the Studebaker lettering is not quite as sharp as NOS, but nice enough.

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      The repro's. are not bad, but the detail, especially "Studebaker", is not as sharp as NOS. As the price of repro's. goes up, more NOS ones become available. For example, I have one sitting in the room that I am currently in and I haven't decided to sell it or keep it for some future car.

      15 years ago, I sold a lot of C/K stock that I now find myself re-purchasing at ten times the price.
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        I wish if someone's going to make this stuff they would bother to do it right. I hate paying good money for a freshly made trim part only to find that it doesn't fit, or the detail isn't very sharp. I can't see why it would cost a ton more to make a part 99% right than just "good enough".
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