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64 Daytona 4 door

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  • 64 Daytona 4 door

    I have a chance to buy , or trade for a 64 4-door sedan . A friend bought it several years ago & removed the factory V8 & automatic to use in another Studebaker he restored . The body is in very good condition . I figure the brakes need rebuilding after setting for a couple of years now. Would the Chevy 230 six & auto trans I have sitting in my garage bolt in without modifications to the frame ? I think I would like to do so & use it as my daily-driver . Oh yeah, the back window is busted out. What years & body sytles would interchange ? Thanks .


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    The six should bolt in with the 65-66 six cylinder mounts, but again, it might be cheaper to buy a V8 parts car for a few $100. I think the back glass interchanges from 64-66. Look for a late V8 4 door rust bucket and you are good to go.

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      Thom: Where are you located? [:I]

      There is an older gent in Crawfordsville IN who has been trying to sell a pair of sedans that have been in and out of his garage for years. Most folks around here (central Indiana) have seen them, including me, and they are just too rusty to save.

      But one is interesting: It's a 1964 Daytona 4-door factory R1/4-speed car [] with the original drivetrain intact and barely operable. (I've heard it run, but it doesn't run well.) Bermuda Brown in and out. Very rusty. Probably strong enough to crawl on a trailer under it's own power, but that would be it. [xx(]

      The other is a 1965 Commander Six/Automatic 4-door. Also running and not as rusty as the '64, but still too rusty to do anything with as cheap as 4-doors can be had. White with Red interior.

      I've inspected the titles for both cars and they are good, current Indiana titles in his name. He is down to $3,000 asking for the pair, and has turned down $2,000 too many times for his own good. Soon, even those $2,000 offers are going to melt away. [}] BP
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        I sold my 1964 California car (Daytona 4 door) to a fellow club member last year for about $1000. He said that according to eBay that's what they go for. I'd been trying for years, off and on, to sell it, but no one would go for it. The door panels were almost perfect and the seats were NOS. It needed paint, a little body work and an engine rebuild. I even threw in a NOS rear door and an excellent used rear quarter panel. I get a little mad about it somtimes, but I figured after 10 years I was never going to get the repaint done and I didn't want to put $3000 into an engine rebuild. It was more solid than my 1966 Cruiser, which I kept, that's for sure.

        Besides, if, after a few attempts to sell even under $1000 and no takers, what's a guy supposed to think?

        From the sound of those two cars, I'd say they aren't worth more than $2000 for the pair.
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          I don't intend to buy , or trade for, the car except to use the engine I already have , taking up space in my garage. I will probably pass on the car , though I hate to see it go to the crusher. One can't save them all. The car is in a high traffic area & no-one else has scooped it up either .