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My Transtar on E-Bay

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  • My Transtar on E-Bay

    E-Bay is running a free listing(E-Bay Canada)this week, so I fired up the Transtar Sunday and shot some pics, made up an ad last night.
    I was tired after a long day,should have waited untill I was in a more focused mood,but,once I get an idea in my head....
    Funny thing is its still not showing up in any searches,even though the clock is ticking.
    I just E-mailed E-Bay to ask whats going on.
    So here,you guys get a sneak preview(G)
    Im not selling because of any distress,(although I DO have another project),but I think the job situations going to be OK,and well,I just decided theres FA I can do,so why worry about it.
    I like the old girl,but mabey nows the time to part with her/
    Will I have to change my name?(G)

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    I love it!

    If I thought my wife would move out soon I would buy that off ~ya

    Gots a good understanding wifey But she draws the line in having several rides in the garage.

    Hey you wanna trade?

    Wife fer Truck.!!


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      Send picture....of truck(G)


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        Hey guys!

        Is this the Studebaker version of wife-swapping?

        Bob (stude53)


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          My ad is still not showing up in any searches,this is starting to bother me.
          I E-mailed E-Bay and got an E-Mail back saying they would look into it,hopefully within 24 hours,but possibly in 72.
          This hardly seems fair,its supposed to be a seven day auction,not much good if hardly anyone can find it for the first two or three.
          Anyone ever have similar trouble?
          The ad was free,but I added 12 bucks and change worth of "goodies",like the picture pack,Buy it Now,reserve,etc.
          Anyone want to venture a guess as to what the truck should bring?


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            I just did a search on Studebaker, then sorted it by price (highest to lowest) and found your Transtar on the second page. Also, I did a search for Studebaker Transtar and it popped right up.

            Mark Anderson
            1965 Cruiser


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              They just fixed it!!


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                Transtar56, if you keep your username, I bet you'll be sad everytime you see it and think of your truck. I expect I'll be rather attached to my truck after 3 years.

                Thanks for showing us the link. I've thought of doing some of the same things with mine as I see in your photos. That is,

                1) Move the mirrors onto the doors so I don't have to look at the vent window/ side window intersection right in the middle of the mirror.

                2) Use those rectangular aftermarket taillights in that exact location (I already did this - interesting we picked the same spot)

                3) Build wooden stake sides, because it looks neat.

                4) I like that sturdy wooden bumper as an alternative to no bumper at all (so THAT's what I can do).

                Nice looking paint job, by the way. I hope it sells at a good price for you.

                [img=left][/img=left] - DilloCrafter

                1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
                The Red-Headed Amazon

                Paul Simpson

                1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
                The Red-Headed Amazon
                Deep in the heart of Texas


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                  Thanks Dillocrafter,but Im much more attached to my Hawk,I hope to keep that one forever.
                  My Dad went and built the racks and rear bumper (Hes handy with wood).I had an old bent up bumper I was going to try to fix but I walked out in the shop one morning and my truck had a "woodie".
                  Must have been real glad to see me(G)


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                    quote:Originally posted by DilloCrafter2) Use those rectangular aftermarket taillights in that exact location (I already did this - interesting we picked the same spot)
                    I'm working on an upgrade on the tail lights on Goliath. What's Her Face has me too busy painting furniture, but I should make some progress within a week or so.

                    Dave Lester


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                      I'm working on an upgrade, too. The rectangles are pretty much okay, but I really wanted more style, and in the Studebaker vein. So I bought some 1950 Champion taillights and rims, only to find I would have to cut away much of the rim sides to fit into that space next to the tailgate. So, I have now obtained the next best thing: 1949 Ford car taillights and rims, which will be rotated 90 degrees to an upright oval.

                      Now that I know Bob Bourke, the Stude truck's designer, also had a huge hand in designing the '49 Ford car (Chapter 3 of Bob Bourke Designs for Studebaker), I feel alright about using a non-Studebaker item on the truck. If I do install them, those oval taillights (for brake light and running light) will look nice right above the circular beehive turn signal lights I installed. It will kind of resemble an exclamation point, with one on either side of the tailgate.

                      It will make the truck tailgate say this:


                      Here are the Ford tail lights (note that on the Ford car they were in a horizontal position)

                      and here is the best photo I could find of a beehive light like the one that goes beneath it


                      Paul Simpson

                      1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
                      The Red-Headed Amazon
                      Deep in the heart of Texas


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                        That's a darn nice-looking truck you have there, Robert. Too bad you feel you have to sell it, but I hope it does well for you.

                        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
                        Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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                          Very nice truck.Too bad you are umteen thouand miles from me.[8D]


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                            Check out some shipping quotes,you might get lucky.
                            Or come and see beautiful Atlantic Canada and take a relaxing drive home(Id buy a camper to slip on the back)


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                              you might want to post a picture here of the truck ... (not a link)

                              ... I posted my '56 Transtar on this forum a few weeks ago and sold it here without having to endure the ebay world .. got $6,900 for it ...

                              your truck looks like a great deal ... and a very fair price ... now if the guys will let go of their money under the mattress to buy it ...
                              Folsom CA

                              "Lone Dog ... No Woof"