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How Hard is it to find???

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  • How Hard is it to find???

    Hello all,
    At York last 2 weeks ago I found and bought the two pieced of chrome for our 1960 Lark Convertible. The pieces I found go right at the top of the body where your arm would sit if you were in the back seat. I know they are hard to find and these are NOS. However, the guy who sold us the pieces said we missed the NOS door trim that goes at the top where your arm would sit by 10 minutes - someone else got um...congrats to whoever you are. Anyhow, I was wondering how hard it is to find these door pieces in NOS condition. They are pot metal and break often and are not easy to fix. We found the harder pieces, I just was wondering how hard it is to find the door trim. Thanks.


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    Not quite as rare since they fit the hardtop too. I sond a set on ebay for $300 or so this summer.

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      NOS??? I'd say GOOD LUCK! [:0] JDP did sell a pair recently, but they came from a fella who'd bought them years ago and had saved them for a project that never came to be. That's your only hope of finding NOS - where someone's had them stashed for years and then finally realizes they no longer need them.

      TWENTY years ago, I was redoing our 60 LArk ragtop and NOS of this part wasn't to be had.[}]

      BTW, the same pieces fit 58 hardtops and 59 Lark hardtops too. But that don't make them anymore plentiful. [V]

      Along these same futile lines - anyone know where I can find the pot metal upper beltline mouldings that go on the rear doors of 57 - 58 4-door wagons??? I'd be happy to find a good, replateable set let alone NOS!!!

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        Im sure I got extremely lucky finding the two back two pieces in NOS at York then...they are still in the Studebaker wrapping. Well, I will keep an eye out on ebay. If anyone has a pair they don't need, Im still looking...Thanks ya'll.



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          Those chrome pieces are very hard to find. I have a '59 Lark Regal Hardtop since '91 and I needed all four pieces that you described. I managed to find 3 of the 4 at South Bend in '97, but I'm still trying to find the right-rear piece. I couldn't make it to York this year, but I'll be in South Bend in'07. Maybe I'll get lucky.
          This is a common problem with all cars, not just Studes. Chrome and stainless trim are the most difficult pieces to find.
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