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  • Studebaker Fan Belts

    Hello all,
    I was in the process of gathering parts for our future restoration when I got to thinking about original correct fan belts. I was as the Spokane meet this year and I remember seeing a red and white Hawk that was beautifully restored. The one detail I noticed is that it had "Studebaker" printed on the fan belt. I would like to do this for our Lark - find/make a correct Studebaker fan belt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this and what numbers /letters would be on the belt besides "Studebaker". If any of you know of the red/white Hawk, let me know and I will contact the owner and ask him how he got the belt. I know its a small detail, but I like to see details like that in a correct restoration. Thanks all.


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    SASCO and other vendors may have NOS belts for your car, but I wouldn't use them if you are going to drive the car more than on and off a trailer. I am not aware of anyone reproducing Studebaker logo belts with new materials. If someone is, please let me know.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

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