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Studebaker in local Hyundai Commercial!

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  • Studebaker in local Hyundai Commercial!

    An Indianapolis Hyundai dealer is running a local TV ad wherein they offer a free trip to the newly-restored French Lick [IN] Hotel and associated brand-new Casino if you buy a new Hyundai. They slowly pan across the restored interior of the hotel proper and zero in on one of the huge murals depicting a 1920s Studebaker, from the glory days of The French Lick Hotel. [^]

    The Studebaker is so prominent you'd think they were actually featuring it, [:0] but of course the exposure lasts just a split-second.

    'Nice to see it anyway, and a pleasant surprise. I'll edit this post if Dick Quinn will chime in with the exact model of that Stude; it's the older car, the soft yellow one of the two Studebaker murals. (My wife and I went there and toured the hotel a couple weeks ago. The tour-guide lady proudly pointed out the murals and called our group's attention to the fact that "the cars are Studebakers, made in Indiana.") [8D] BP
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