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Studebaker Stamping Plant

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  • Studebaker Stamping Plant

    I was just wondering if anyone, who lives in the South Bend area, was able to photograph the demolition of the Studebaker stamping plant which was supposed to occur today.
    I know that the building is a part of history, but I also understand that the building was in very poor shape.

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    Not to worry. With all the publicity, there were LOTS of people taking photos of the demolition. I know of one South Bend friend who was for sure taking the day or afternoon off to shoot some photos. I'm sure it will be in The South Bend Tribune Saturday; possibly go to their website Saturday morning and see what they published. This was a BIG event with much publicity and promotion, so it will have been well recorded. [V] BP
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      It's just a bunch of decrepit old buildings, right? Yet, when the demo guys go home and the cold February night blankets the place, where will the ghosts of all those who toiled there go?
      Where will Art and Bob and Herman go to talk about what an asshole that foreman Faraday is? Where will the echoing clang of a press spitting out a freshly minted fender drift off to? What about the locker room where the guys would change outta their overalls and propose stopping at the Starlight Bar before they went home to thier wives and kiddies? Nothing but memories and a few archival photographs will document the vibrance and pride that once made the place one of the vital organs of South Bend.

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        There were approx 100 people in attendance. Most were from the city, const co., politicos, and press. Not many Studebaker folks. A little "brisk" but there was a warming tent with lots of goddies to eat and "free" bricks that were labeled with a special commemorative card. See photos at:

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          Thanks for the pix. Much appreciated. Next time I'm in South Bend, I need to see the site of the building.
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