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1950 Antenna Repair

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  • 1950 Antenna Repair

    Can anyone give me a person who repairs factory studebaker internally controlled reel-type antenna. I need to replace the antenna. It was broken off and is 2 to 4 inches tall.

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    From my card file: Greg Preston - Antenna repair

    Area code (312) Six, six, five - 9784

    I've never had the guy do anything for me. I met him at a swap meet and kept his number for future reference. I can't swear that he's still doing this sort of thing, but he was when I met him.

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      Hey Bob, I tried the number. It was disconnected. Thanks
      Also, do ya think I could fix it myself?


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        quote:Originally posted by royvaldez

        Hey Bob, I tried the number. It was disconnected. Thanks
        Also, do ya think I could fix it myself?
        Nope, you'll have to have the phone company fix the problem.


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          I have the same problem with the antenna on my car. Broken off level with the mount. I was seriously going to contact the fella you mentioned here, but now that I see that number is disconnected, I am left with no other option, other than tearing into it, and see how it works, and see if I can repair it. If not, I am no worse off, and I will just replace it with a regular antenna. If I fix it, I will be very happy. I have been watching Ebay on this part since last summer, saw only one in useable condition, but missed out on the auction. So, I am still looking.

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            Sometimes you can find parts of the assemblies and combine to make one good one. If you find a complete one be sure it's correct for your car. Through 52 they reel up counterclockwise and down clockwise. In 53 and later (at least in C/K) they reel up clockwise and down counterclockwise.
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