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Mid-winter check up

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  • Mid-winter check up

    As in many parts of our continent,we have had a very mild winter here in Nova Scotia,with little snow.Never thought Id miss it but I do,just dosen't seem right without a few weeks of -20 weather,and some major blizzards. But yesterday I opened the sheds up to check on the Studes.Pumped up the brakes,checked to see if any critters been snacking on anything (the Bounce trick seems to work),and was seriously thinking of firing up the Transtar for a drive.But the roads are a nasty mess of ice and salt,so I decided to just sit there and make V-8 noises for awhile.
    Glad to report everything looked fine,and it sure was great to visit with my pals for a bit.
    The Hawks gonna look quite spiffy with her new chrome bumpers,and I have a new dash cover to install.
    The truck is going to finally get the OD problems worked out.
    The groundhog predicts an early spring too,so I may soon have something interesting to report.