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  • BobPalma
    I shipped a 1965 Cadillac to California from Indiana last year via Gold Rush Motorsports out of Moorseville NC. (Buyer had made the arrangements; not me.) Arrived on time at both ends with no complaints from the buyer. [8D] BP

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  • Mike Van Veghten
    Hell....if you have a coupla days you can take off of work, and it's it home.
    Check the belts, a quick tuneup and your off.

    I've done that with a coupla cars I've bought. "Sometimes" it can be a real adventure! Take someone with you.

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  • Norselander
    Are you folks familiar with Yesterdays Tractor's hauling Schedule? ( I used the hauling schedule to find somebody to move two pickups.

    The Stovebolt Page also has a Hauling Board forum:

    Good luck!

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  • rocinante
    I used Passport (FedEx) to haul a '49 Packard from Indiana to Massachusetts this past September. They were fantastic. Everything as advertised, nice enclosed truck, great driver, car arrived pristine and on time. Cost: $900. No complaints here. I would recommend Passport.

    Charles Schneider

    '53 Champion Starlight Coupe
    '60 Lark VIII
    '50 2R5

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  • curt
    I have a freid who used Intercity with good luck.

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  • John Ratliff
    Hey! Thanks alot for the input from all. You have just about scared me off the hole thing. Phil- yes it is the same Power Hawk you told me about. I am waiting for a quote from the company that Commander 51 recomended. If that is with in reason, I may take you up on checking the car. Again-thanks. [8)]

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  • Commander51
    I used Intercity Lines, Inc. to haul my bullet from San Diego to Pittsburgh. They performed exactly as represented, and I was completely pleased with their service. With diesel prices where they are now, you're gonna pay a bunch, open or closed. (BTW, I talked to several national open carriers that wanted to surcharge me for the length of the car -- 196 inches-- bringing the total price within reach of closed carriers, who didn't seem to care about car dimensions. GOOD LUCK!

    51 Commander State Sedan

    Kittanning, PA

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  • Roscomacaw
    I sold a Wagonaire project car on ebay. All the body work had been done and the car was basically a shell on a rolling chassis.
    When a tilt-bed truck showed up to collect it, it was in fine shape and I had spent a day and a half CAREFULLY stowing everything in the car and lashing it down.
    Everything wrapped - sometimes triple-wrapped - to protect it against the elements. Much NOS and refinished stuff was in the mix.
    Wrapped in cardboard AND bubble wrap AND plastic wrap, 4 NOS door panels were fitted into the spare tire well with boxes of stuff atop them and all of it covered by the sliding roof panel for protection. Said roof panel lashed securely in place. You would really have to DIG thru the layers to even know the door panels were there.
    Too, I had deliberately pointed out to the driver, that the hood was lashed down with bungee cords (no latch in place) and that I wasn't feeling good about that for such a long haul. The driver of the truck assured me that he had straps made just for such situations and he'd secure the hood with one.

    The car finally got to the other coast. The door panels were nowhere to be found. And frankly, I don't know what else was missing as I hadn't inventoried the myriad items as I packed them in boxes and bundles or whatever.
    Also, the hood had flipped up in the slipstream and folded itself back[xx(] Thank god I had a great buyer on the other end. He was able to overlook all that had happened because what he DID get to work with was in such solid condition.
    He was the one that had arranged for the shipper but I had talked with the sweet lady before the car left here - regarding pickup time and accessibility. She had warned me and the buyer against the possibility of vehicle damage since it couldn't be locked and was gonna have "loose items" packed inside it.
    It didn't matter that I assured her everything would be lashed down as tho I was shipping it on the deck of the Santa Maria![}] In her lexicon, a loose item is a loose item is a loose item. That is to say, in her opinion, I wasn't smart enough to do anything more than casually TOSS the stuff inside. The consequence of which was that there wasn't (and never would be) any guarantee that the car would get to the east coast with anything I packed in it. And truth be told, I could see her point of view if say, I'd left a supercharger setup laying on the floorboards where it would be easy to snatch. But door panels for a Wagonaire???? Blowing out, as she later suggested, from under alot of other items that DID make it[?][?][?]
    I've had to be on the recieving and sending end of a number of Studebaker deals over the past few years. Some of the drivers instill a bit of confidence that they're gonna do right by you and other's make me cross my fingers as the truck rolls outta sight! Forwarned is forarmed, as they say. Trouble is, none of have the time or resources to tag along as some idiot hauls our treasure across the continent.[}]
    To be fair - I've recieved a number of Studes from carriers that WERE delivered in fine shape. But there IS that chance you'll draw a bad hand when you deal with this lot.[8D]

    Miscreant at large.

    1957 Transtar 1/2ton
    1960 Larkvertible V8
    1958 Provincial wagon
    1953 Commander coupe
    1957 President 2-dr
    1955 President State
    1951 Champion Biz cpe
    1963 Daytona project FS

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  • hank63
    Many carrier companies are "All care and NO responsibility".

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    I have had cars shipped a few times. Let me tell you how this industry works!!!!

    Almost all auto "shipping companies" are really just brokers. They do not own trucks or have drivers. (There are a couple exceptions - but they tend to be some of the worst rated ones) They will often give you the impression that they are handling you car personally. What happens is that they get your car type (to determine weight), pick up location and destination, and dates. They then quote you a price.

    What happens next is that they knock a couple hundred off of what you are paying them, for their fee, and put you car out on a national network. Then drivers, mostly independant one or two truck operations, look at the huge list of cars that is out there. They simply pick the cars THAT PAY THE MOST (this is a key thing) that are going near where they are going. This means that the company that you talk to and tells you how they will take care of your car has NOTHING to do with, and often dosen't even know about the guy that actually transports your car. So, it is mostly a crap shoot.

    Here are some things on pricing. If you get a really cheap rate, your car will go on the network, and sit there forever. If you don't need any certain dates, this may work. If you need the car shipped in a short period of time, you will have to pay enough to make your car "worth it" to the driver. You are basically bidding for a spot on the truck.

    If you ship with an open carrier you will receive the dirtiest car you have ever seen.

    Furniture movers put cars right in the moving vans (who knew). The car arrives clean, but it is expensive.

    What I explained above, may not be true for a specialty enclosed carrier that ships exotics and show cars. But you will be writing a big check.

    NEVER EVER pay an up front fee. These guys will lock you in and then your car will sit right where it is.

    How I know all of this is that I got myself in a jam when I had to move from CA to VA on short notice. I am a consultant. A broker gave me an OK rate, gauranteed me a pick up by date, and then put my car out there at such a low rate (he was going to try to pocket 2-3 times the normal brokers fee) that my car would NEVER have been touched. When my pick up date came and went, and the moving truck was arriving, and that guy didn't return my calls, I started calling around and looking on the internet. I found a site that rates auto carriers, and has some real horror stories. I did find good ratings on a broker called Bullseye Auto Transport. The lady there is named Carla. She told me the truth about how it all works and told me what I would have to pay to get my car on a truck in the time I needed. She directly contacted drivers that she had used before to find one that could transport my car. She got it done and I was happy with the service, she did follow up calls, and she got me out of a jam. That being said, it is the closest thing I can give to a reccomendation, because you would actually have a different trucking company even if you use her.

    Did I scare you? It is a scarey industry.

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  • JDP
    I pay $1100-1200 cross country Md. in a open trailer. I figure if it's good enough for a 75K Lexus, it's good enough for a nice Stude.The extra $500-$700 for a closed trailer will pay for a few detailings.

    Studebaker On The Net
    64 GT Hawk
    64 R2 4 speed Challenger
    63 R2 4 speed GT Hawk
    53 Street rod

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  • 60Lark
    Hey John,

    I have never had a car shipped, so I can't help you with your shipping questions. But I live in St. Louis and can look at the car for you, let me know.

    Is this by chance the 56 Power Hawk I told you about back in December ?

    Studebaker Fever
    60 Lark
    51 Champion

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Trasportation


    I hope someone that has had a car shipped across country, from St. Louis to Calif., can recomend a good Co. I want a closed trailer. The car has just been detailed. Two haulers I checked wanted $1200. for a open trailer. I don't know anything about them. Also, may need someone in the St. Louis, Mo. area to take a look at the car for me.
    Depending on the transportation cost if I want to buy this car.
    Thanks John[8D]