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Wheel Cover Restoration?

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  • Wheel Cover Restoration?

    I bought a set of Stude wheel covers(the whole cover, not just the small hub cap)for my '51 this past weekend from a "Studebaker farm" near Graham, NC. They're in pretty good shape, still shiny with no dents or warps, but some of the emblems in the centers, as well as the dark pattern around the outer edges, are fades or rubbed off. Is there a way to restore these, without having to buy a whole new set(which average $100.00 per wheel cover, the same price I paid for six)? Can they be touched up with enamel paint(I'm an artist, by the way, and pretty darn good with a paintbrush if I must say so myself) to look original? These are the ones that have the coat-of-arms style emblem, not just the "S".