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55 inner front fender panels

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  • 55 inner front fender panels

    I took a leap of faith & seperated the inner fender panel from the outer right front fender for my 55 coupe . I was sure I could find a better fender than the one I had , but such has not been the case . I seperated them because I had noticed that later fenders would work on a 55 but the inner part was different . I figured I would use the inner piece on the better fender I never found . Now I guess I will try to fix what I had originally . Problem is ... I cut just on the fender side of the joint & peeled off the overlapping metal. My concern is with getting the two pieces back together well enough to ever fit the car again .I'm afraid any misalignment will make acceptable hood to fender gap impossible to obtain . Any suggestions ? Keep looking for another fender ? Thanks.


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    Thom: I think I would keep looking for a better fender. But in the future never cut anything! The proper way to do this is to use a spot weld cutter and remove the spot welds to separate the inner and outer fender. Then you will have no problems. Rich.

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      Another tip, try not to disassemble any subassemblies until you have your replacement parts in hand. I've done similar things in my enthusiasm to get things done and it's bit me in the end.

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