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  • AC-2918 Mirrors

    In January I had the good fortune to be spending some time in the Indianapolis area and decided to go visit Studebaker International. There wasn't much I needed, just some things I wanted. I bought a new set of floor mats and bought a replacement mirror head for my passenger door. The replacement was one of those repopped heads for the AC-2918 Stratoline, but it has a convex mirror with the lettering "objects may be closer than they appear".

    Okay, I love this mirror. Previously, that passenger mirror was pretty useless--you couldn't use that for lane changes at all. But now, let me just say if you don't have one, you need to get one. This mirror looks identical to what was on the car, fits like a glove, and actually makes the mirror useful now.

    Mark Anderson
    1965 Cruiser