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Any L.A. historians here?

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  • Any L.A. historians here?

    I'd like to know if anything is left of the Studebaker plant in Vernon CA, but haven't a clue where it was. Can anyone supply an address?

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    Sadly, Pat - nothing is left of it. And here's a funny-sheesh slant to that bit of knowledge[:0]. I was INSIDE what remained of the old main building back in the early 80s and DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE WHERE I'D BEEN[V][|)]

    I went on a sales call to a place that was renting a part of that building to do whatever it was they did with sheet metal. I honestly don't remember what their end product was but I was there to sell them on installing my company's OSHA-compliant control system for their sheet metal shearing machine. I remember the place as being mostly made of red brick and that 3/4ths of it's cavernous innards were spotlessly bare of any fitments or fixtures.

    It was only a couple of years AFTER I'd visited the place that I saw an article in TW and realized that I'd actually been inside the place.[xx(] If only I'd known at the time. I'd have taken photos to document how it looked.
    It's long since been razed and had a new building put up where Studebaker once was.
    Curiously, when we moved to the central valley in 1990, it turned out that our neighbor (in his 80s.) had worked at Lockheed Aircraft at the outbreak of WWII. He recounted how he'd call the Studebaker plant each evening and ask how many exhaust manifolds they anticipated needing the next day to facilitate their output of aircraft engines for Lockheed's production of PV-1 patrol bombers.[^]

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      Someone has a copy of the Studebaker Factory tour on their site. Its shows an air shot of the factory with a few paragraphs. The site is


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        Back in the mid-1980s when I was selling advertising for a solid waste management publication in California I took two elderly trash truck salesmen who operated out of the City of Industry to lunch. As we were driving by a large building one of the old gents said, as an aside, "There's the old Studeeebaker plant." On the way back he pointed it out again. It was utterly forgettable really, but at least I can say I saw it when!

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