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any interest in 62 studebaker?

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  • any interest in 62 studebaker?

    Hi, please excuse my near total ignorance of anything Studebaker. I found this site on the net and have a question for all you enthusiasts out there. I've got an older gent for a friend that has a 62 Studebaker, I'm not sure of the model yet, he just said it was a 62. I think it's a bit rough. I'm sure it needs paint and restoration. He's driven it untill just very recently. It needs a water pump and some generator work. It also needs brake work. He's moving into an assisted living situation and doesn't want to see the car go to the junkyard. Is this worth anything? Are there collectors among you out there that might be interseted in this thing? How do you go about finding interested bnuyers? Thanks for your time! Ric

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    Well, a little more information is needed ... like what body style, the number of doors, color inside and out, a little more about the condition, and the location. Yes, there are people here that would be interested.


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      Skeeter,it will help a lot to know where the car is located.

      Home of the Almostahawk


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        First thing to find out,is it a Hawk or a Lark.
        I think any 62 Studebaker thats been driven up to recently would be worth something to most of us.
        And yes location is a key issue,no ones going to pay to ship a rusty six cylinder Lark across the country.