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Need a clutch pedal

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  • Need a clutch pedal

    I'm converting my 60 Lark from a 6/auto to V8/stick have a drivetrain from a 63 Lark but I need the pedals and linkage and need to know what donors they could come from. Thanks

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    Basically, it's gonna have to come from a 59 or 60 Lark V8. There are a couple of pieces shared with a Lark 6 of those years, but you have to be careful to get THE right pieces lest you cause yourself much frustration![xx(]
    I posted some photos of a buddy's pretty 60 Lark VIII just a couple weeks ago. The car had been a 6 to start with and he converted it to V8. In both cases it was a 3spd O/D. He went thru hell finding THE exact parts needed in the V8 revision insofar as the clutch and linkage were concerned.
    While I had parts lying around here, none of them had been marked as to what they'd originally been on, so it was trial and error for Steve before he got the right pieces in place. And just to LOOK at them (without part numbers on them) is not gonna yield happy results right off unless you're lucky.[}]

    58 and earlier V8 cars carry different part #s for the clutch parts. 61 and later do too. Without having these various pieces in hand to compare, it's gonna be tough to say something to the effect:
    "Aww, that '57 clutch shaft will work in a pinch. It's only different from a '60 in that they drilled the clutch return spring hole a 1/4" farther back!"

    And that may well be the sort of insignificant change to a given part that would dictate it being assigned a new part number from Studebaker's standpoint. Any small engineering change would have dictated it be adjudged a "new part" and therefor worthy of a new number so as to be able to distinguish it from what it was before.[:I]

    The point of all my "gibberish" is that there are components from "similar" Studebakers that might well work even tho they differ slightly. On the other hand, you can end up with less hair (Like my friend with his 6-to-V8 swap) because you weren't exact enough![V]
    When I said that a 59 or 60 Lark V8 car would be the ideal donors, this was based on referring to the parts books and comparing numbers for V8 Studes from 55 thru 64.

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      Thanks I've only been able to look at 61 and 63 V8 stick parts cars which are very different, so I was beginning to suspect I might need a more exact match. I still have the 60 V8/auto sedan as a donor but I can't bring myself to cut up a really decent car and I'd really like to put in an OD.