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Studebaker withdrawl symptoms

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  • Studebaker withdrawl symptoms

    We still haven't had any snow here in our corner of North America (Nova Scotia) and there was a good turn out of Studes at the chapter meeting that I missed because that was the day of my fatefull trip in the Lark.
    It was a terrible way to end the season,and if this weather holds I might get a chance to get the 56 Transtar out for a short trip and a good clean up this weekend.
    Already miss the sound of a Stude V-8,my Kia Sorento is a blast to drive with its slick shifting 5- speed and sporty (for a truck) handling, but the engine dosen't have any personality,just does its thing in a quiet relaxed way.Pulls good to its 6000 rpm red-line too,but even then the exhaust sound sucks(G)

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    Our Studebaker will see a few miles this winter, our Kia Optima is similar to your Sorento, pulls quiet to the red line, great car. A lot like a studebaker in the sense of not a 'big three' product, semi orph.


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      Curt, is the Optima built on the ladder type truck frame?
      Thats what I like about this thing, it seems solid as a brick.
      Ive done a bit of off roading and this thing works, was stuck good once untill I put it in Lo-lock and it pulled out like dry pavement.
      Its only got the stock all-season radials too.
      I wish I could find other wheels that would fit it,and get four big snow tires.
      Then I could save the neat looking stock alunimum wheels from the salt.
      Do you know of any?
      Has your Optima got the 3.5 DOHC?
      Nice engine eh?, pulls strong from 1000 rpm up.
      Dosen't give the greatest fuel mileage in a 4200 lb rig,but I knew that going in.
      So far,Im impressed with Kia,wish it was the new Studebaker(G)


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        Optima - boy, some of these car names.... While Dodge came out with a Stratus, when will Lexus or BMW introduce the Status?
        Camry - what the hex a Camry? Corrola - sounds like a Spanish wine.
        Altima - find that in a dictionary. Or Sentra for that matter.

        How about Cadillac branding their pickup, "Bucks"?
        "Check our new line of Bucks Trucks!"

        Too bad Yugo folded. I think the name "Cheap Skate" might have developed cult status. [)]

        I'm gonna get busy filling in the holes that hold the last six letters on the wagon's tailgate. Just eliminate the "EBAKER" and I'll have a car that suits my mettle![:0][}][^]

        Miscreant at large.

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        No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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          Know what you mean, Mr Biggs. Saw a magazine article recently - Toyota had to cancel a proposed model name because it was a rude name for a female anatomy part in a non-english, non-japanese language somewhere.
          One can easily imagine the local mirth from ads like roomier, try one yourself, etc.


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            This is the time of year I get motivated to shift into high gear...
            Biggest car show of the year was a week or so ago, and I still haven't run down off the enthusiasm yet.
            Had our annual party last Saturday and I drove to it...
            Pulled a bunch of stuff out of the shop to be delivered this week (making room for some serious work in there)....
            My truck is supposed to go in for paint this month...
            (Lloyd's Transtar is getting taken back to him first)...
            My goal is to have an empty shop in three weeks for a 2 month thrash on a little yellow trailer project...
            SDC SE Zone meet is coming...FAST!
            (And I still have all the trophy plaques to build...Out of South Bend SDC plant beam lumber.. Stude wood as Stude trophies!)
            Jeff (Busy boy this winter.. C'mon down and help out!!) Rice[8D]

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            HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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              This is the first winter in years I don't have a Studebaker in the shop.My Dad is doing his Model A,and I couldnt afford one now anyway.