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The Studebaker-Porsche

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  • garyash
    I actually did an article about the Studebaker-Porsche connection and the cars in a recent issue of the Studegram, the bimionthly publication of the Ocean Bay Chapter of SDC (serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island). Here's a link to a copy of the article.
    You may use the information and pictures, as long as you give credit to the Studegram and to me as author.

    Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, MA
    '48 M5
    '65 Wagonaire Commander
    '63 Wagonaire Standard

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  • s1b
    Can't wait to read it! I've know about the Stude-Mercedes connection,but not the Porsche.Again look forward to reading about it.

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  • studegary
    I write to many car related publications with comments and corrections. A small percentage of my letters get published and/or answered.

    Recently, a few car magazines have been touting a new Porsche as the first sedan to be designed by Porsche with four doors. I have written to all of the magazines about the Porsche 542 for Studebaker. None have either responded to me or published my letter. I think that they are trying to ignore me/it and rewrite history.

    As Bob/MrBiggs writes, many of us are aware of the Porsche connection with Studebaker. There is also a Lark with a rear mounted VW/Porsche engine that still exists.

    I believe that the Type 542 had a V6 and the Type 633 had a flat four. The Type 530 and Type 633 were four passenger, two door sedans and the Type 542 was a four door sedan. A Type 542L is air cooled and a type 542W is water cooled. Studebaker's model name for the Type 542 was Z-87.

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  • Transtar56
    And then there was the Tri-Star incident with M-B in 53, the Mercedes resemblence to the Lark grille,lots of interesting connections.
    My old Studebaker pal Gary Payne who has a collection of about 50 rotten Studes in various stages of decay also has quite a few old Mercedes too. I never asked him why,and can't remember him ever drving one. But theres a late 50's M-B sedan parked in the woods there at his place that would not be an impossible restoration project, as the fine leather and wood interior still looks good.Rusty though.

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  • Roscomacaw
    Thanks for the heads up Bjoern. Quite likely some on this forum don't know about this venture, but we who've been with SDC for years are well aware of it. It's been addressed at least a couple times in Turning Wheels.
    There seems to be some mystery as to the ultimate fate of at least one of the prototypes that was built overseas and then tested in South Bend. I think there was a V engine at least considered, if not actualy built as well.
    I know there's a scale model of one of the proposals that's on display in the Studebaker museum. I've seen it first-hand.
    Even tho Studebaker had long since lost touch with it's German roots, there seemed to have been a magnetic force between the company and German carmakers. This flirtation with Porsche, the co-mingling of Studebaker and Mercedes, the brush with VW and DKW as well.
    Imagine, if you will, Daimler-Studebaker instead of Daimler-Chrysler! Hey! - it could have been![:0][][V]

    Miscreant at large.

    1957 Transtar 1/2ton
    1960 Larkvertible V8
    1958 Provincial wagon
    1953 Commander coupe
    1957 President 2-dr
    1955 President State
    1951 Champion Biz cpe
    1963 Daytona project FS

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic The Studebaker-Porsche

    The Studebaker-Porsche

    Hi friends!
    Did you know, that Studebaker asked the german car manufacturer Porsche in 1952 to build a kind of an "American Volkswagen"?
    At the moment I'm writing a whole article about it in the US-Car-Magazine (Europe's Print-Mag No. 1 about Us-Cars & Trucks for 23 years now) I work for as an editor. Just to give you a quick look inside, this is what I found on the internet:

    "In November 1954 Ferdinand Porsche delivered the prototype to the Studebaker, comprehensive of motor, of the model 542, but the fusion of the Studebaker with the Packard it made to set aside the project. The prototype studied by the Porsche was a four doors sedan on the same dimensions of the model "Champion", while the motor was a 3000 cc that followed the same schemes used for the Volkswagen. The "Model 542" it was the first one of three prototypes introduced by Porsche to the Studebaker guys, before they were absorbed from the Packard and no money was left to build it."

    Here is a pic of it. I will show you more, as soon as I've looked through all the pictures I asked the Porsche Company for to sent me.

    Have fun,



    Cruisin' through Germany: 1949 Studebaker Champion Regal Deluxe Starlight Coupe