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51 Land Cruiser

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  • 51 Land Cruiser

    Hi, I just purchased a 51 Commander Land Cruiser with V8 automatic. Body is good, floors are solid, glass is good, has a big dent in the top and drivers door, but I`ll work on that. Its been sitting over 20 years(title dated 1959) and engine and brakes are froze solid. Just glad to have a bullet nose, first I`ve owned since a 50 Champion I owned in 1965. I don`t know anything about the engine so at this point I haven`t decided to redo as stock or put it on a new frame with p/s, p/b, etc. Any suggestions.[}][img][/img]

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    Keep it original. The underpinnings of a Studebaker are as much a part of the car as the art noveau sheet metal.

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      I wouldn't change the frame or suspension.If the motor is bad you may consider somthing else..........But, to each thier own
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        Frame is solid? Nothing messed with so far?

        Fixing is easier than changing.

        A 51 Land Cruiser with a tight suspension is a great joy to drive.
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          Sounds like a nice find you got there. I would rebuild that car to orginal. Pull that old studie motor and get it rebuilt and while the motor is getting done replace all the brake parts and flush those brake lines also. You will need the whoa when you that motor gives you all that go!!

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