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who's going to reedsville?

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  • who's going to reedsville?

    In the interest of spending more time driving and less time shopping and/or working, if you are bringing any of the following parts to Reedsville, let me know:

    (these are all for a '55 C-body)

    1. metal tube from heater core to flex duct
    2. under-the-fender blower motor, 12V
    3. driver's side door glass, prefer tinted but will take any (need the metal piece at the bottom more than anything)
    4. Pair of vent windows, prefer tinted but will buy clear or no glass if the latches and pivots are OK.

    If anyone is planning on bringing any of this stuff let me know asking price, condition, etc. - maybe I can "pre-buy" some of your parts.

    Also I have one 14" 1958 Golden Hawk wheel, in good condition, and a 1962 Lark rear window, clear, good to excellent condition. Also quite a few Ansen-style slotted mags in 14x6 and 14x7 sizes (had some 14x7s at York that drew a lot of interest but nobody bought because they weren't a whole set.) I don't know what I might bring but if you are interested in any of this stuff that could influence my decision



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    (Barring any last minute job related stuff............)

    I plan on going to Reedsville as a vendor.
    I will be bringing several AFB ready Stude V-8 intake manifolds for sale...
    I will be discounting (below exchange price) for 'extra' later model 2bbl used manifolds.
    Also will be selling a great installation kit that consistes of a pair of the good, soft intake gaskets, a heat insulated paper carb mount gasket, mew studs, nuts, and lock washers, as well as a pair of optional stainless steel block off plates for the heat crossover passages.
    So, if you want to upgrade your Stude to a manifold that you can bolt an AFB carb on without any adapters... Contact me and I'll make sure you are taken care of.
    Save freight by sending your core with a friend, and have them bring you a manifold...
    Also... Custom work done (dual deuce modifications, Offy manifolds modified to accept an AFB carb...etc...)
    Thank you for your time... Back to regular programming

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