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Installing Windlace

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  • Installing Windlace

    Curious just how big a job it should be to install windlace in my 62 Champ. Stopped by an auto upholstery shop today and they quoted me $160 a door. Sound like a fair price if your not willing or able to do it yourself?

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    Its not really that hard if the headliner is out of it but its tough with it in. There are small tabs that pinch the windlace to hold it in place and these are hard to access with the headliner in place.

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      I think a couple of those tabs are also between the dash and the door pillar; not an insurmountable problem but, more properly done with the dash removed. Readers correct me if I'm wrong.
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        It's a fairly easy thing to do with that headliner out of the way. And even at that, you could remove the HL along the roof edge by carefully unhooking it from the toothed strip that grips it.

        $160 per door sounds steep to me. I can get whole seats covered for less than that!

        The windlace costs about 2 or 3 bucks a foot locally (from an upholstery supply shop - not the auto upholstery shop!) and you have to have a tab of vinyl sewn to it's edge. Windlace like Studebaker and all used is no longer made with the wire & wicker tab that was a part of it. Now YOU have to have a tab put on it or you won't be able to get the little crimp fingers that hold it to do their job.

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          On the advice of the Thoms brothers at Studebakers West, I used a strip of vinyl fender welt to make the ridge for some door windlace. I cut the wide, flat part down to about half its original width, then sewed it to the modern windlace, cut edge of the welt butted up to the round section of the windlace. A few years ago, I picked up a 40 year old Singer sewing machine at a yard sale for $10 for jobs like this. Even this light duty machine handled the task. The ridge on the welt locked in nicely to the the windlace clips. There are a couple of spots down low, however, that get kicked now and then, so I have put a couple of sheet metal screws and big washers through the windlace under the kick pads. It doesn't show and holds well.

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