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Buying 62 GT, Need Tips and Help!!!

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  • Buying 62 GT, Need Tips and Help!!!

    Hello Studebaker Lovers... My first car, when I was but 15 years old, was a beautiful 53 hardtop coupe, early production. As it turns out, almost 50 years later I still have the original 3 point star from the hood!!! Since then I have been hooked several times, but unable to pull in the fish for one reason or another.

    A car my brother called about sounds like a keeper: It is a 1962 GT, factory 4 sp, white and very original. Claims to have been stored and has only 8,700 miles on the clock. It is about 2,000 miles from here but my brother will check it out for me.

    Can you fill in some tips and points he should be checking out?? Where might he look for hidden rust, engine types?, any ideas will help.

    Yes, if it doesn't work out for me I will provide information for the rest of you.

    Just Call Me Bob
    in Beautiful Riverside, CA

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    I'd bet the mileage on the car is incorrect. I find most cars listed with under 40,000 miles have either rolled over or had the speedo replaced. Under 7000 miles would be a great find though and it possible, just unlikly. Only one engine is was available on US 62 production, with a optional 4 barrel.

    Look for hidden rust in the trunk corners, rocker boxes and the front floors.

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      Yeah... If it does'nt leak oil, have rusted floors, trunk, etc, It probably is'nt a studebaker. I have a Station wagon that only qualifies with the leaking oil.[B)] She's suspicious...

      Lotsa Larks!
      K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
      Ron Smith
      Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
      K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
      Ron Smith
      Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?


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        AMEN TO THAT! I get a big kick out of the ads that read "doesn't leak any oil" I figure two things, either like Ron said its not a studebaker engine or theres no oil in it. My grandpa worked at the studebaker dealership for 20 years and he has never changed the oil in his 59 pickup. He figured that it has all leaked out by now and he'll just add new stuff. (I don't agree)


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          I have a 62 hawk and I love it. Bought it with only 62k on the speedo from the 2nd owner. Belonged to a little old lady in Santa Barbara. I`ll agree with everyone else that it marks its territory
          but what a car. Not a 4 speed and no air but I love driving the old girl everywhere. Just the looks from other people make it worth while. Some people probably think I`m nuts for having it as a daily driver but didn`t want no trailer queen. Wanted the experience of driving a classic.[8D]


          62 GT Hawk


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            I agree Danweb,but I prefer my Hawks with fins on them.
            Or the early 53-55 version (before they called them Hawks)


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              Hi Bob,
              Open the trunk, stick your head under the lid and look up and back - in other words look at the inside surface of the lid along the lower lip. What's under there can be hidden by the applique on the outside of the trunk. When I bought my car it was the one place I forgot to look in my enthusiasm [:0]. Mind you I would have bought the car anyway. Good luck.
              P.S. My Hawk drips too so I'm glad I joined SDC or I might be worrying about it!


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                With the most mild of the Hot 289s (R1) and 3/73 rear, I leadfoot it to an average of 18 MPG.



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                  Dam, posted to wrong place.

                  quote:Originally posted by sumf

                  With the most mild of the Hot 289s (R1) and 3/73 rear, I leadfoot it to an average of 18 MPG.