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  • Lark Cruiser is Home

    Got my Cruiser yesterday(see other topic below)...pretty much as the pictures show...very good shape underneath...didn't run very well until I replaced some carb/ign pieces which were supplied with the runs very smooth with some tappet noice so I'll be adjusting those here is my question....after running for a while it started smoking blue smoke out the exhaust, didn't do it when first started....I have the valve covers off(they were leaking) and noticed both front drain holes were full of oil(not drained), I'm assuming the the drain holes are clogged...had it happen on a F*rd once...make sense???

    PS:Looked in the trunk and there were the original hubcaps!!!


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    The front holes are blind since the head can be swapped end to end on the other bank. The rear holes should be clear to the pan. I'd change the valve seals since they are almost cretainly hard as a rock. You can do it with the head installed if you have a air compressor.

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