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More carburetor questions

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  • More carburetor questions

    I have the carburetor completely apart, except for the inlet ball and inlet ball retainer. The shop manual suggests using a "Retainer Ring Remover, J-1306" tool. Is there any way to get this out without this tool or am I due for another trip to the auto parts store? Must I remove this and replace with the new ones in the rebuild kit or can I just leave it in there during the cleaning process? The new retainer in the kit doesn't look the same as the retainer in the carb. I also don't want to tear up the existing retainer using the wrong tools.

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    I would be inclined to just leave it be. If it's not rusty-lookin' it's probably gonna be OK.
    Further, I doubt you could find such a specialized tool in this day and age.

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      It really does look ok. The ball is still shiny and the retainer just has the dried up gasoline varnish which should come off when it gets dipped in carb cleaner tonight.

      Thanks again for the reasurance. I love this forum!

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