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What year is it??

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  • What year is it??

    This is my first post to the forum. I'm trying to identify the Model and Year of a Studebaker convertible that my dad owned when I was a kid. I've posted a couple pictures of the beast that were taken in the early fifties. I remember the color being a light-greenish.

    I'm also interesting in possibly aquiring the same model/year either as a restoration project or an older restoration (driver) and was wondering about availability, prices, after-market restoration part availability, etc. The two pictures are at:

    I'm sure this august group can tell me just about anything I need to know! ;specs, standard and optional engines, trim options, were they most autos or three-on-the-tree, etc. Any help and info would be appreciated and thanks in advance for taking the time.

    Traverse City, Michigan

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    51 Commander, with the 120 HP, 232 V8, no optional engines. 3 on three with or without Overdrive, or a automatic,

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      The car pictured is a 1951 Studebaker convertible. They came as a Commander with an overhead valve V8 and as a Champion with a straight, flat head six cylinder. The picture appears to be a Commander, but maybe someone with a better monitor can tell for sure. They came with automatic, three speed standard and overdrive transmissions. The '51s are desirable cars with the V8s more than the six. Of course this equates to a higher price. Depending on condition, the price range is about $2000 to $30,000. I would advise buying the best one that you can. You can probably get a good driver, not show car, for about $15K. It will cost you more to have one restored than a restored car will cost. If you do all of the labor yourself, that will not be the case. Follow ads in Turning Wheels and eBay for starters. Good luck. I checked out one of these, a '51 Commander convertible, that had been sitting in a barn for many years, for a friend and he bought it.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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