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Power streeing problems again

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  • Power streeing problems again

    Well, I went an entire two days with any leakage, (the car, not me). Stuart is leaking steering fluid again. My mechanic has not had him on the lift yet, but he thinks that it might be a power steering regulator. What is that? and how many millions will it cost? Stuart is a 1962 Cruiser with a 259. Thanks.

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    Make sure the small hole near the center stud, in the top of the resevoir on the pump, isn't blocked. The rebuild kits include washers and grommits for Fords, which have a different vent. You need a combination of washers that will let pressure escape when the reservoir heats up.


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      By "regulator", he probably means "control valve". That's the prime suspect for leakage in the system. Could be it just has a loose line fitting - there's for lines (hoses) that connect to it. Other suspects are the pump itself or the cylinder (Ram) having bad seals OR a worn spot in the center area of the ram's rod.[}]
      The control valve IS rebuildable but it takes someone who knows what they're doing to effect satisfactory results.

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        Thanks to everyone who responded. My mechanic took the hoses off and found that the pressure hose had a burr on it. He cleaned it off, reinstalled, and all is well.