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The Hawk In Newfoundland

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  • The Hawk In Newfoundland

    Drove the 60 Hamilton Hawk 1000 miles through some rough mountain raoads with lots of hills.She never missed a beat the whole trip and averaged 23 MPG.I drove her hard as always,can;t help myself.
    Hope you enjoy the photos.

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    Beautiful Car and great pics!! Nice trip,Transtar!!

    Everybody's Uncle Used To Have One!


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      nice Trans ..

      did you buy this car and bring it home or was this just a vacation trip ? I'm thinking of driving my '51 across the country, (Calgary to Toronto), be great to get some good shots in of all the touristy stuff along the way.


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        No,I bought the car about three years ago and got around to restoring it last winter.It was a pure fun vacation trip,made so much so more because of all the attention the Hawk caused.Everywhere folks where taking her picture and asking questions.


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          Great pics, Robert! I'm envious.[}]

          Danged Hawk looks good with any backdrop.[8D]

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            And she runs so good I love her Mr Biggs.
            Shes getting a new headliner,glass rubber,GT Hawk bucket seats with consol,A/C(Vintage air),and Im thinking of trying to integrate a CD player in the stock radio face.
            She attracted so much attention Mr Biggs it was amazing.Most Newfoundlanders remember Studebaker only dimly as there was ever only one dealership on the Island,in St Johns.
            One old Gent told me how that dealer was just down the street from where he lived and all the dealer got in usually was Larks but once he got in a new finned Hawk like mine and my new pal instantly fell in love with them,and has so ever sense.Of course there was no way he could afford that new Hawk,but he never forgot it.
            Most people would just say,"Nice Car"Id say "thanks"and in the typical Newfie way they just say "Yes Bye" and look her over.