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Leaving in the morning

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  • Leaving in the morning

    The 60 Hawk is loaded with camping gear and all cleaned up and a good DWG job.She looks great and Im sure glad I put those new springs in.
    Glad its only Diane and I going too,thats enough stuff,the trunk in a Hawk will hold only so much and weve got the cooler and blankets and stuff in the back seat.
    Heading for the ferry to go to Newfoundland in the morning.Doubt if Ill find an internet connectiom so see you all in about a week.

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    You packed the Camera,Right? Have Fun !



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      Just taking one last look at the board before we pull out and I noticed your reply Dan.
      Its a sad story,my digital camera that i used and grew to really like(it was simple,and took great pics) was in my rainsuit pocket last month on our bike trip.Just outside Albany NY the lightning started,and we got caught in a heavy downpour.I pulled into the first exit sign that had a restaurant to wait it out.When I took my camera out of my pocket,I noticed the screen was "steamed" over.A bunch of dirty water ran out.
      I tried the hair dryer,but that didn't help so I took it to a camera shop,and guess what shes F##ked.
      So Id like a bit of time to do some research before buying another one,digital photography turned into quite a hobby with me.
      So to answer you questio Dan,were talking lots of cameras,those single use ones.Some of the better ones take good pics,and I can scan them later.
      Seee You all later!