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    Under another subject,mr Biggs mentioned his collection of body tags. I know of the collection,but didn't remember who was the collector!
    Well! A new item in the scrap bins at SB is handfuls[i mean bigg handfuls]of unused body tags..The tops are pre-stamped,with the bottom portion being blank,waiting to be stamped with the sequential body number......I got goose-bumps,thinking of those tags waiting to be used on cars that will never be built!

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    I've got some tags from the SASCO Stash. Now - if they were for CARS .... THAT would be news to me. All I've ever seen there were tags for 8E trucks. In other words, 63-64 trucks that never got built. BUT - there's no sequence number on them because none such was used on truck tags. Only the model designator is on those tags.
    When car tags were made up, they did them with sequence numbers from the start. In fact, I have a body tag for an Avanti that was never built. The sequence number on the tag is higher than the last Avanti ever built. I got this tag from a person who had access to the parts stores in the early 70s. In fact, this person even had totally blank tags of which I've got a couple.
    No one seems to know where those tags were made up (what dept.) or what happened to the machine they were made on. I'm also not sure just what year those body tags were first used. Must've been in the teens tho.

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