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    What do they sell at Palmyra now? Did they have any Stude memorabilia?


    63 Lark 2dr Sedan


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      IIRC, Palmyra Motors now has service and used car sales. There seems to be a strong Studebaker connection remaining. When we were at Palmyra, they had a few Studebakers at the showroom, plus dozens that came for the meet. They even hosted a great lunch for us. Maybe someone with more local ties could add some detail about Palmyra.

      Jim Bradley
      '64 Daytona HT "Rerun"
      Jim Bradley
      Lake Monticello, VA
      '78 Avanti II


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        Growing up in Kamloops, B.C. we had three Stude dealers that I remember. McCannel Motors is where my dad got his 59 Lark 2 dr. 6 cyl sedan and 1960 1/2 ton pickup. That business buened to the ground (service shop) one winter in the early '60's. I recall the icilces hanging everywhere!
        The next Stude dealer was Bill McAulliffe Motors who had just a few years of Larks and GT's. I drove a 1963 GT Hawk, R-2, 4 speed on a test drive, but couldn't afford to buy it!
        There was one final dealer in the last couple of years of production, the name escapes me, but I did buy out all their stock after they became the Datsun dealer.
        I had also purchased dearler stock from Port Alberni, B.C., Vancouver, B.C. and several others as they became available.
        Recently corresponded with the area rep for Studebaker who had dealt with all the Kamloops and other B.C. and Alberta dealers during those last few years.
        Fun stuff!


        Brian K. Curtis


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          I was given a folder of paperwork from Langer Bros in Westview (Pittsburg area) PA. Shows some of their sales from 1960 through 1966. They were also a Jeep dealer. Could they possibly still be in business today?

          Dwain G.


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            Another PA dealership still in business today is Zimmerman`s in Sunbury. I have a `63 Lark sold new by them, traded back in to them on a `67 or `68 Dodge Dart, and kept by them till `01. They have been in business and owned by the same family for over 100 years! Was a Studebaker dealer from `36-`66. Today they sell Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep


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              I can recall two Studebaker Dealerships on the south side of Chicago. Studebaker on Western. It was in the 7000 block of south Western Avenue. It is now a Toyota Dealership. Back in the 50's and 60's south Western was known as automobile row. Bought my first car there. My first Studebaker too! $325.00 for a 1953 Coupe. That was in 1959. The other dealer was Mount Greenwood Motors at 104th & Kedzie Avenue also on the south side of Chicago. Traded the 53 in on a brand new 1960 Hawk at this dealer ship. There were two men that seemed to run the whole show at this dealership. I can't remember either of their names. I remeber that they sposored and maintained a stock car that was raced at a local quarter mile track (Raceway Park, in Calumet Park, Illinois). It was a Lark V-8, bright yellow and had the number "6" on the side. The driver was Bill Van Allen. He did quite well. I remember the dealer guys were proud of him. Mount Greenwood Motors is now an auto parts store. Went by it the other day. I was amazed on how small the building is.
              Showroom could accomodate two cars at the most. One overhead door and a small shop. I am now driving an almost duplicate of the Hawk I purchased back in 1960. This coulmn has peaked my interest. I'll stop by that parts store to see if they have any Studebaker stuff still laying around.


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                Dwain, I know where the Langer Bros. dealership was located in West View, but they left that location many years ago. After Studebaker, they sold Jeeps. Eventually, there was a Langer Bros. dealership in Cranberry Twp., PA in a much more modern facility, but I don't think they are there anymore. Haven't been by there lately though, so I'll have to check.

                Would you happen to have any of their used car sales records in the papers you have? I ask this, because the man I bought my '54 Champion from back in '96 bought it from Langers in 1966. It was rough at the time and not running, so he just stored it in a barn for 30 years until I bought it. I have been trying to trace it's past ownership record and the state of PA has not been helpful at all. If you have any record of a '54 Studebaker being sold by them in July of '66 I'd be VERY interested in the details.

                As an aside, I just saw the posts by Jim Bradley with the pictures of his beautiful black '64 Daytona hardtop. By chance while exchanging e-mails with Bill Pressler, I mentioned that I used to own a '64 Daytona back in 1975 to '77. He put me in touch with Jim Bradley and we discovered that his Daytona is the one I used to own! Jim was glad that I was able to fill him in on some of the car's early history that he hadn't known about, and I was happy to discover that my former Daytona is alive and well, better than ever, after all these years!

                I really enjoy the old dealership stories, please keep the thread going.


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                    Just remembered also, Eaton Motors, a Studebaker dealer along Allegheny Avenue in Oakmont, northeast of Pittsburgh. They used to be listed as a parts source in an old roster I had from about 1973 or 74. I visited them in 1975 and I think they were a motorcycle dealer by then. They said they had some lenses and odds and ends left of their Studebaker parts, but weren't really in it anymore by then. The building is still there and the last time I was by, it houses some sort of martial arts school.

                    The more I think about it, there seemed to be quite a few Studebakers in the Pittsburgh, PA area, back in the good old days. There were more than a few dealers around here, that's for sure.


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                      Blue15G wrote:
                      Would you happen to have any of their used car sales records in the papers you have?
                      No, sorry, I sure wish I did. These consist mostly of monthly reports of inventory to their bank, so at least there are serial numbers to possibly trace a car with. There are just a couple of pages though that actually have names of original buyers recorded, but no mention of any used car sales or trade-ins.

                      Dwain G.


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                        Does anybody know anything about R.W. Albright in Norwalk, Ohio? I still have their dealer sticker on the back of my Cruiser:

                        They were located at Route 20 West, Norwalk, Ohio. Does anybody know what's there now? Here's the original owners card with the address:


                        Mark Anderson
                        1965 Cruiser


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                          I guess I'll chime in here. Now, Im only 21 so I don't remember any Stude dealerships. However, I do know that my 1965 Studebaker Commander was purchased at John S. Butzer and Bro. Studebaker in Ephrata, PA. I would love to find out more info on Butzer's Studebaker dealership as I think it was one of the larger ones on the East Coast. I know that the Keystone Keynotes had a picture of the dealership in one of the issues. Today, a fire station replaces the old dealership. Any information on this dealership from my hometown?



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                            My 1958 Packard Hawk was originally purchased at James C. Brynes 34 Sumner Ave. Springfield, Mass. Their phone number at that time was RE 6-7233.
                            One of the neat things that came with the car was the original key chain with that information.
                            In my home town of Canton, IL the local Studebaker dealer was called Associated Motors. They were wiped out by a tornado about 20 years ago. By then it was just an auto repair shop. Now its a vacant lot.


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                              Bought my first "53 used from Henry Moss and Sons in Detroit. They were on Livernois near Ewald Circle. That was in '55.

                              Ther was also a dealer on Michigan Ave near Central in Detroit and another on Grand River but I can't recall the names of either. (Memory is the second thing to go)


                              Own '53 Commander Starliner. Red w/beige top. 350 Chev/700R4. Tilt,cruise,A/C.
                              Own \'53 Commander Starliner. Red w/beige top. 350 Chev/700R4. Tilt,cruise,A/C.


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                                My family (grandfather, father, and uncle) owned Warta Motors on Sunrise Highway in Merrick (Long Island) NY. They also owned Packard Hempstead in Hempstead NY, which was a Packard-only store.

                                At the Sunrise Highway store, besides Studebaker and Packard, they handled Mercedes, DKW, Simca, and some other makes. After Studebaker stopped building cars in Hamilton, they took on both Toyota and Datsun, until Toyota threatened to drop the franchise if they didn't drop Datsun. Needless to say, they kept Datsun and dropped Toyota.

                                The dealership was closed in late 1969, by which time my grandfather had retired to Florida, and my dad & uncle had gotten tired of the high taxes, crime, etc in NY and relocated to North Carolina. When they were cleaning out in '69, my dad gave Harry Barnes (who visited the dealership often) all the parts he could carry off.....mainly older parts. A lot of the parts were thrown down an old well in the service department!

                                All the relatives drove Packards and Studebakers. My grandfather always had Packards. My mother and aunt always had a new Studebaker. When I was a small boy, my Mother had a '60 Lark hardtop (V8) that my brother would 'borrow' at night and outrun the cops in. I was with my mother one day when someone ran a stop sign, and the front of the Lark got crunched. (It subsequently got repaired.) Her last Studebaker was a '64 Challenger 4-door, 6 cylinder/auto with air conditioning! My brother eventually got that car, and it was finally parted out in the early '70s. I have a few parts from it (gauges, ignition switch, etc; wish I had the perfect red dash and the A/C setup!)

                                My memories of the Studebakers and Packards from when I was a boy is what got me into Studebakers. I have 10, and my dad has one (a '64 Challenger 2-door V8/3 speed) that is in the middle of a long restoration. No Packards yet, but I still want a '55 Clipper hardtop with Torsion Level, or a '56 Executive hardtop.

                                I am working on a history of the family's dealerships, for either a website or magazine article. A lot of the cars sold at the Sunrise Highway store had pictures taken of the owner/car upon delivery; my dad still has all these slides. He also still has the books that logged the cars sold with purchaser's name, serial number, etc. My dad saved some of the invoices from the interesting cars and well-known purchasers. Another story is the brand new (just off the carrier ) '57 or '58 Golden Hawk that had less than 100 miles on it before it was destroyed (with my dad driving) in an dispute with a garbage truck.....the garbage truck won.

                                Lots of stories, I know I will remember some more.

                                If anyone remembers these dealerships, or knows of any cars that are still around that were sold new at one of these dealerships, please let me know.


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