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  • Atlanta Studebaker Dealer

    Hi folks: many years ago, back in 1967, I worked one summer at the Studebaker dealership on Peachtree Road in Atlanta. Actually, it had become Downtown Imports for the sale of a brand new Japanese car called Toyota. But, a large part of my job was selling off the remaining Studebaker parts. The prices on the remaining inventory were raised every week and I remember people screaming at me over the phone. Would anyone remember the name of the Studebaker dealer? Thanks.

    William J. Brotherton

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    I don't remember. But I started working with Studes in the Atlanta area in 1973. At that time, if you wanted Stude parts, you bought them from Southern Auto Parts, downtown somewheres (I've forgotten exactly where now). They had a fella named Mr. Nix, who I understood to have worked at that Stude dealership you speak of. Heck of a nice guy, and one time he invited me to his home - where he had one hell of a stash of NOS Stude parts in his basement! He even had the new radiator I was seeking at the time![] Ahhhh - the good old days![^]
    One detail I remember about Southern Auto Parts was that there was a set of NOS 54 C-K grille shells and bars hanging from a rack, just inside the front door. Boy, what someone would give to get those now![:0]

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      The dealership in 1956 was called Atlanta Packard Motors, Inc. at 370 Peachtree Street. The manager was George M. Couch. They likely took on Studebaker after the merger and I assume the name was changed once Packard was dropped in 1959. I do not have that new dealership name. A visit to the Atlanta library and a look at the city directory would certainly tell you.

      R. Quinn
      Richard Quinn
      Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review


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        On page 127 of Asa Hall's book, [u]</u>The Studebaker Century[u]</u>, it shows a picture of Yarbrough Motor Co. of Atlanta, GA. I don't know if this is the same dealership as being mentioned above.[?]


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          Studebaker Atlanta was owned by "Chick" Barron until Studebaker bought him out by "the factory" from 1962 until their demise when it was asquired by Bill Spreen (VW dealer) who placed management into the dealership & habndled Toyota along with the Avanti II.

          Oscar Nix was the parts manager at "Studebaker Atlanta" & a short time later until he moved to the parts company MR Biggs noted, & an exceptional nice individual.

          I was regional manager for Studebaker & then later signed the first Toyota dealers on the east coast in the mid sixties.