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    Yesterday Diane and some of her freinds had a yard sale.As I was sitting in the shade(it was hot) I noticed a Dodge Ram diesel towing a trailer with what appeared to be the remains of a Stude on board,those yellow valve covers caught my eye right off.
    Then it hit me,the 63 289 and Flight-O-Matic thats been sitting here at a neighbors place and he offered to give me!Damn,I farted around to long and somebody else snagged it I first thought.
    Then the guy turned around and stopped the rig across from our drive way and I went over to meet him.He had stopped because the owner of the GT(he had the frame,engine/tranny,TT rear end of a 63 GT) told him I had some Studebakers.We looked my 60 Hawk over as he was telling me he had just found a 56 Power Hawk a few months ago,and though shes very rusty hes going to try to restore it.He used to have a 55 President years ago and told me hed loved Studes ever sense.
    He just lives down the road so Im going over to see him later and have a look at this Hawk.Im glad he got got the engine because it sounds like he needs it far worse than I do.His engine is in boxes,taken apart years ago.
    Whats really interesting is he had no idea where to get Studebaker parts and imformation.He'd never heard of the SDC,our local chapter,KG.Works Studebaker parts(Grahamn Gagne) right down the road,he has no computer,nothing.Im bringing him over some recent issues of TW so he can get some Imfo on the Stude world.Ill see if I can get him in our chapter.
    Sounds like this old Power Hawks in need of everything,but its rare enough it should be giving a chance if this guys willing to do it.Sounds like he has some mechanical skills,he welds and stuff.
    So sitting out there at my GF's yard sale turned out to be a pretty good day for me,mean't a new Stude freind and I also got to see a few hooters as the ladys bent down to look at stuff(G)And I did make a few short trips in the Hawk(washed her again) and on the bike.Looks like a dark and damp day today.

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    Cool! Sounds like you're getting a nice little Stude community goin' up there Robert! That, and it sounds like I have to try that yrad sale stuff myself, (for the "fringe" benefits). []



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      Cool tale, Robert. Bringin' in one from the cold!

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