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Transmission rebuild story

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  • Transmission rebuild story

    I just finished rebuilding a T86 that will go into my light duty Champ project. I decided to ditch the column shift and go with a topload shift assembly.

    When I got ready to buy some tranny parts, I drove down from my home in Lincoln, NE to a small parts house, Egger Brothers near Auburn Nebraska that specialized in old jeeps, a good friend said that I should give them a try. I drove down with the disassembled tranny in buckets (to make sure I got the right part) and with in an hour I had replacements for every part that was worn out or broken.

    I also discovered that a good many of my original parts still had factory inscriptions saying T90, although I knew that the T90 and the T86 shared a number of parts. I did not realize how many

    Now I have a rebuilt T86 truck transmission with a topload shift. If your wondering, I plugged the old side shift holes with freeze plugs.

    Now to decide on the engine. I have an OHV six that needs a rebuild, and OHV six from my trusty Lark, which has a few good years in it, that is being replaced by a 259 or find a flathead because you can always find performance goodies for it.

    Decisions, decisions

    Jeff T.

    "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
    The Replacements.

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    Find another good 259/289 for it,then you can get nowhere even faster(G)