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What does it all mean?

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  • What does it all mean?

    OK, Mr. Biggs will probably get this one.

    What does my vin numbers mean. The actual VIN is 63V1814 ( I had this answered earlier) The engine badge is, 63V Y4 267.


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    OK, This is ALL there is to that serial #. It doesn't hold alot of mystery like modern-day VIN numbers do. It's REAL simple and straightforward (like me[}])

    63V1814 means it's the 814th 1963 V8 car built (V8 Hawks and V8 Larks were all lumped together as far as serial#s go). The FIRST 1963 car bore the serial# of 63V1001. So 63V1814 means it's the 814th V8 1963 car. That's ALL there is to that VIN #

    As to the body tag 63V says this BODY (not the whole car, mind you) - this body was destined to be for a 1963 V8 car. Further, the Y4 specifies this BODY as being configured for "Y"-bodied (long wheelbased 4-door) with "Regal" trim (that's what the number 4 designates)
    The 267 simply means it was the 267th 63V-Y4 body to be welded up for future use on the production line.

    Let me know if you need further clarification.

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      So how do I find out if my engine, etc. is correct?
      Is there additional data plates for that as well?

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        Hi George! The only way to tell if your car has its original engine is to order a production order from the Stude museum..Send them your vin# and $25.00 .The production order will show what equipment the car was built with,and the engine number installed in your car.
        In case you don't know, the STUDEBAKER NATIONAL MUSEUM.Take a look at their great website,you can get all the info you need from there!![Production orders are sold through the gift shop] Welcome to Studebakering!!!

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