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Restoring original radio? 58 Hawk

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  • Restoring original radio? 58 Hawk

    I am restoring 1958 Golden Hawk. Do most people restore the old A.M. radio or are they replacing with newer am/fm radio's? With old face plate to look like old original? Sort of like going to newer ignition systems.
    The radio is in good condition except I need to replace push buttons and prob. tubes.

    Thanks, Don.

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    You can get the guts replaced with a modern AM/FM stereo stuff for $400 or so and it'll look factory from the outside.

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      There's a fella I know firsthand - Roy Yost (calls himself Radio Roy and he recently posted here, I think) who does restorations and conversions. Good guy - knows his stuff when it comes to Stude radios too.

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