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Parting out 64' Cruiser 4 dr

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  • Parting out 64' Cruiser 4 dr

    Hi all, especially you Benny....I have a 64' Cruiser in the driveway now that I'm pulling parts off. Benny, this car was hit at the driver's door, it might be salvageable, I'll check. I'm sure the glass & regulator are OK. Let me know what anyone needs. The car leaves the driveway when there is no interest. Car is located in Mass.

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    Jackb....I sent you an e-mail about the parts. Don't know if your spam blocker intercepted it or not. Could use a few parts for my '64 Daytona.[8D]
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      Gosh. I wish the whole thing could come home. It's too bad.[B)] A really neat car being picked over.[V] Oh well. Better picked over than rotting in that grove of trees.

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        Clunker and all: This car was totalled in 1968. But of course, for a Studebaker in those dark days after closure, that term wasn't clear.
        In this car's case, someone backed into the side crushing the driver's door and just bending the side frame rail...Probably an easy fix, even then, but what was the car worth at the time ?? $50.


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          jack, yes i am intrested. there are a few trim pieces i need and the regulator definatly. i am content with my glass, i just wanted a full door swap, but its not looking too likely for a cheap price. so if you want to talk business write me a email at thanks alot. if you are wanting to get rid of a lot of parts at a good price let me know cuase i need a bunch.