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Andy Granatelli Interview On TV

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  • Andy Granatelli Interview On TV

    Andy Granatelli was a guest on "Wind Tunnel", a live call in racing talk program on Speed Channel... Here's what was said (condensed)

    Andy just mentioned the white suit he wore at Indy with STP logo's all over it.
    That year he said he gave all the crew members STP uniforms (called them pajama's)
    Said the Studebaker people called him in to the office and told him that, as head of marketing, he should wear a suit and appear 'professional'... So he made the white suit with the STP logo...

    Said he is the reason stickers are on race cars, logo's are on uniforms, and he is to blame for motor racing being on TV.
    (humble? Never was, and never will be)

    Mentioned Novi (weighed 800 pounds), Offy weighed 400 pounds, turbine weighed 200 pounds.
    Mentioned center backbone fuel tank...and some other spec's)

    Showed a film clip of Johnny Carson driving the STP turbine car...
    Talked about the durability (or lack of) of the turbine car.
    Talked about the turbine car quite a bit.
    Said the turbine was banned because 'they' were afraid of it (the turbine)
    Crews didn't know how to start them or run them.
    Mentioned huge cost differences.

    Paid huge props to Richard Petty....
    During their negotiators with Petty, Andy said the 43 car would be red, and Richard said it would be Petty blue.
    Andy said red.
    Richard said 'goodbye' and got up to walk out.
    Andy said 'timeout, let's talk about this'
    The compromise was the Petty STP NASCAR racers were half blue and half red.

    Former chief driver and engineer at Studebaker
    (screen crawler said this)

    Said that Andy Granatelli and Bill France planned the current growth that NASCAR has seen.

    Andy says he has the answer to solve the current IRL / Cart fiasco..

    Andy said he would never go back to Indy as a car owner.
    Says the rules are too complicated.

    (This was just a running synopsis of what was said... Thought you'd all get a kick out of it.
    Jeff (Still have a bunch of STP stickers...somewhere) Rice
    '61 Hawk
    '37 Coupe Express

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    When I was in grade school, we thought Andy G. was the tops.[8D] Worshiped the ground he walked on. We also thought that STP stood for Sticky Toilet Paper.[:I] Of course that was in the day when you could get the aftermarket toiletpaper roll oil filter (no kidding!). In fact, I still have one (the kit, not the sticky toilet paper).
    By the way, one of my motors still has the STP stikered breathers on the valve cases. When re-doing the car the mechanic went out of his way to preserve and restore them. He got a kick out of them. And He also thought Andy was tops too! We both still do, as a matter of fact(aparently so does Andy).

    Lotsa Larks!
    A.K.A: out2lunch
    Home of the famous Mr. Ed!
    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
    Ron Smith
    Where the heck is Fawn Lodge, CA?


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      You probably already know, but the STP oil cap/breather stickers are available relatively cheap from most of the common vendors (along with many other engine compartment decals).

      Take care.


      MarkC, 64 Y8
      Working in Spokane, WA