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    Hello All!

    Here's my dilemma. I have a 1965 Commander 4door 6cyl. I'm the second owner - the original owner was a cousin. The car is completly intact and I even have the window sticker that was on it at the dealership. Although it was an East Coast car (it resides in Phoenix now), it has very little rust. I had it running last year, but due to my stupidity, I now have a non-running car with a tank full of varnish! I either will need to replace the tank, or pull it and have it cleaned out. Carb has been rebuilt. Other than that, only other work needed is shocks and cosmetic. I'm debating selling her outright, or parting her out. Problem is, I've been given so many opinions on price for selling her outright, that I'm all confused. Book values I've checked out put her at around $1,500. I know it's hard to guess, sight unseen, but what would you all suggest I do, and if sell outright, what price range should I ask? Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    If you clean the fuel system and get the car running well, my estimate, based on very little information and no pictures, is $2000.
    Gary L.
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      If the condition is as you describe interior good, headliner, seats, door panels, etc... I tend to agree with studegary if it's running. If it's not, I just paid $400 for one very similar.[:I] The interior was very marginal. The only saving grace with the interior was four perfect door panels. Oddly the seat bottoms were excellent.

      As it sits, if the paint is good, the interior is good, and not running. $1500 is a good place to start dickering. Don't be disapointed if it goes down. If you can get it running, 2k is a place to start going up.

      Just my opinion. Also remember nothing is worth more than someone is willing to pay. The trick is finding the one who will pay the most. Sometimes money isn't the best reward. Old cars can be extremely frustrating. One can find the best looking ones have gremlins and demons hiding behind every door panel and solonoid. Tough it out and the personal satisfaction is priceless. Certainly not something one can get from the average new car.

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        I'm with Gary and Klunker ! Why not spend a few hours flushing that gas tank,put in some fresh fuel,frsh battery,and get it running,to increase the value by a quick $500. $1500 for a car that won't run-hmmmm? $2000 for a running Studebaker-YEAH!!! [fine print='actual results may vary']!!!!

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