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When does Turning Wheels come out?

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  • When does Turning Wheels come out?

    Since I am now a member, I am just wondering when to expect seeing the Turning Wheels magazine?

    Just got my card and am waiting to get started on the car. Slow resto....

    Studie newbie

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    There are many many variables involved.

    Did you pay for first class mailing?

    Are you left or right costal?

    Is your mail carrier a car enthusiast (I'm convinced mine 'borrows' my turning wheels for a week or two, she sure is in interested in Grandad's err My 3R6 pickup)

    Are you karmicly blessed, or does Loki wreak havok around you?

    listen on the studebaker newsgroup, someone will crow about getting their copy, I usually get mine a week later

    You first copy, will probably arrive by 1st calss mail, in an envelope, about a week after your I.D., at least mine did.



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      By contracts, Turning Wheels are to be mailed by the 15th of the month prior to the cover date. In the USA, first class delivery usually takes one to five days. Regular delivery is at the mercy of the USPS (one day to three weeks). I won't hazard a guess on foreign delivery. Once you receive one by the method you pay for, then delivery should folow at one month intervals. The point of mailing is in Virginia.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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        I live on the east coast, Long Island, and I receive "Turning Wheels" around the end of each month.
        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club