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64[?] lark sedan 4 dr.

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  • 64[?] lark sedan 4 dr.

    v-8 64 lark. is it worth 4200? in need of a back bumper. 33k mi.

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    I a word no, unless it's a near mint example. I've sold near show quality, top of the line Cruisers models in that range, but average 4 doors noramlly sell in the $2000-$3000 range.

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      is the body straight, paint good, engine clean and running great? i would pay over 4000 if the car was really what i was looking for. if it has had air bag suspension installed, nice wheels and paint, and the owner has put alot of time into maintaining and caring for it then yeh, why not, but thats no reason not to talk him down. try to bring up everything you see, tell him your wife is pregnant, anything to pay less!



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        The question is; do you think that it is? A car is only worth what you are willing to pay. At 4200 it had better be in excellent condition (at least if I was buying).[8D] What's wrong with the back bumper? Is it toasted?[:I] If so, look very closely at the inside of the trunk lid (or tailgate) for damage. If the car is a wagon, get permission to take the inside panels off the tailgate and look inside.[8)] You will have to open it (the tailgate) and (carefully) extend the window to do so. Check the bottom of the tailgate for rust. Inside and out. If this seller is asking such a premium price, they should'nt object too much to a thorough examination. Oh yes, and do the usual stude check; look under the floor mats!

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