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Milestone date for Larks

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  • Milestone date for Larks

    This day - May 12th - of 1959, the 100,000th Lark was built. It was a station wagon and sported gold-plated trim scripts. This car STILL exists in unrestored form. Last I knew, it was in Arizona.
    The Lark was a runaway success when it debuted with the '59 model. It's momentum even carried into 1960 despite the BIG 3 having all debuted their own "Compact" cars that year. Real comparison would reveal that the Lark was much more car than a Falcon, Corvair or Valiant. But then, the Lark was really just a shortened Stude 58 sedan. So it stood to reason that it was much more of a car than one set out to be cheap from the start.
    But make no mistake about it, it was the Lark's initial success that kept the doors open in South Bend and Canada for a few more years!

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    car STILL exists in unrestored form
    How can that be???[:0] Why isn't in the Studebaker Museum?
    I'm still looking for a 1960 LARK wagon to bring back to Life, and my wife has gotten excited about 59 LARK Hardtop!



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      That 59 belongs to Bob Miles in Arizona. Here's the text from a post on the newsgroup:

      Hi gang,

      I am back! AOL stopped supporting newsgroups so I finally remembered
      with Glenn's 62 GT site there was a back door to the newsgroup.

      Kelly sent an email asking about anyone connected with the museam. I
      have the 100,000th lark wagon with all the stuff that goes with it
      included the lark watch given to Mrs Herzog on May 8, 1959. I have the title to go with the car but it needs everything. You might say it is a historical parts car. I also fell into a deal on a nice complete running 59 2door wagon with V8 and overdrive that has no paperwork on it now. I could sacrifice this car but it would be a shame to take a great running car and end up with scrap.

      Kelly thinks I should donate all I have to the museam as it stands
      right now. I would only if there was some assurance that the car would be restored and displayed with all the items. I know that is asking a lot but that is my terms. Otherwise I will slowly restore it back to what it was and then drive and display it at Stude meets. Never judge it just let everyone enjoy seeing it and all the stuff that goes with it.

      So back to the original question. Is there any contact with the museam? I am moving the car to the house on March 26 and cover it up until I have all the stuff I need.

      Bob Miles
      Tucson AZ

      Mark Anderson
      1965 Studebaker Cruiser


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        I called the musium about that Lark, I don't think anything ever came of it.

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