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  • Need info

    i am wondering if 10,060 is a good price to pay for a 56 studebaker truke?

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    [)]It would have to be an awfully nice one!! When you say truck, do you mean TRUCK as in 1-ton or larger? Or a pickup?

    steve blake
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      im refering to a pickup mate black ok interior small dent on driverside fender.


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        I can only hope I get that kind of money for this one when it's done this month.

        If the truck is much nicer than this full frame on restoration, it might be a buy, but that's a lot of money.

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          You'd have to give alot more details for us to honestly say yes or no on this. "ok interior" leaves lots of room for interpretation.
          Is it a gleaming truck with one, small dent in the driver's side fender? 6cylinder, V8? What year? What bed? Original, modified, custom??? There's LOTS of Stude trucks around and with a few exceptions, most are selling for less than 10 grand!

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