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    For coordination to take place, a mutual agreement needs to be reached, not one side telling the other how it is going to be, with no input! In December, the Michiana chapter 1st had contact from the SNM, in the form of an ultimatim, about us furnishing the manpower for 2007. We asked for a meeting to set down to talk it over. You know what? We finally had that meeting April 25th! I was on the committee that met with Becky Bonham, and we asked for something in writing to present the membership, and to my knowledge that has not been forthcoming yet. Michiana members want to see a meet in South Bend in 2007 just as much as anyone else does, but " no taxation without representation" was relevant 230 years ago, and it still is!

    It is quite easy to blame one side, or the other, when one only hears, or wants to believe one side of the tale. Same applies to another issue in the South Bend area as well, but I won't go there now.

    Sam Roberts

    [quote]Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK

    Well, that's a good thing (vendor wise). I wasn't at SB last year, so it would be unfair to compare. I am looking forward to SB 2007 (and Omaha 2006) as 'drive to' meets. I do hope the coordination between the SNM and the Michiana chapter gets smoothed out. The Michiana gang knows how to do an International meet. It would be very sad to see people getting stubborn over a meeting of hobbyist's. After all, it is just a hobby (except to some vendors)...

    Sam Roberts