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350 in a 59 lark

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    I bought and sold a turbo Buick powered 53 coupe. It was faster than my R2 Hawk, maybe 200 pounds lighter in the front. With that weight off the front end, it changed the feel of the car for the better. The turbo did not make much power off the line so traction was not a issue and there was room to add AC if you wanted. the engine was from a early Buick with a 4 barrel carb feeding the turbo.

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      And ya know what? I drove the car JDP is talking about and he's right it was (hopefully still is) a hell of a car for a driver. But for me personally it didn't SOUND right, so I would have gladly given up the extra power for a Stude V-8 under the hood.

      And right there you can see why these threads get interminable real fast... <G> (just hope this one doesn't turn into an argument.)

      Seriously, '59wagon' what engine is in your car now? If it's a V-8 I think the decision is a no brainer just find someone with a decent used Stude 259 or 289, drop it in, drive happy. You'll be money and time ahead, and the engine IMHO is a better unit, even if it gives up a few cubes to the Chevy.

      If it is a six, I can kind of understand the temptation to do something other than a stock replacement. However, if you do go to another engine (Chevy, Stude, Cadillac, whatever) consider upgrading the brakes and rear axle at the same time. A possibly interesting swap for a six would be a Chevy straight six, a 230 or 250 would pep it up some and that was also an available option in 65-66 but raises the same issues as swapping a Stude V-8 for a Chevy V-8.

      good luck


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        quote:[i](just hope this one doesn't turn into an argument.)
        Not on your life![:X]

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          hey wagon.. I prefer Studebaker engines in Studebaker vehicles<of course>but for fun back in '73 I installed <SOUNDS easy> a 421 tri-power in my 61 2-door lark. Out ran everything on the street. Compared to that project a sbc should be a snap, so get out the torch and welding machine and have a BLAST!


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            everyone is entitled to their own opinion so here's mine. buy buying a stude in the first place sets you apart from so many other car enthusiests, so why jump on the bandwagon buy going to the darkside (sbc). be original, stay stude.